How does a personal trainer get prospects and schedule a time to talk. Well creating a campaign, I feel is, much like getting a first date. You need to capture the potential date’s interest in a crowded market. Engaging in a really personal way to stand a chance for that first date and show you’re the real deal.

Personalization is key, to get your prospect’s attention, but there are a few other tricks to make your message stand out among hundreds of cold emails/messages your prospect is likely receiving each day.

Here are 8 tips to make sure your cold emails resonate well and they convert.

1. Focus on what it is that keeps your prospects up at night

Personal health is important, probably one of the most important elements in everyone’s life but ask yourself, why are people not taking action to better themselves.

Do not be shy to address the problem, if it is a young mother then you need to say you understand the responsibilities that being a mother entails. Likewise, if it is someone who does not have the time due to the amount of work they do – explain how you are flexible.

2. Skip anything cheesy

If you are emailing your prospects and you want them to open your email, do not write anything cheesy. Be real be authentic and keep in mind, 77% of emails are never even opened so for that reason create a subject line that’s really targeted to your prospect’s needs and tie back your solution to focus on those needs.

3. Cut to the chase

As a business, you understand one major commonality of your prospects: they don’t have a lot of time. So why waste their already limited time with fluff and formalities? If you do that you’re already off to a bad start. Avoid any generic questions like “how are you doing?” and “hope this email finds you well” because it doesn’t matter. Get to the point efficiently and they’ll appreciate that you’re respecting their time.

4. Lead them to convert

To get people to convert, direct them to an action which you want to lead them to, a call-to-action which may well be a call or a diary for them to book themselves into. There are free meeting schedule software tools (eg calendly), so if you are unable to receive calls or emails, allow your prospects to choose a suitable time for an initial conversation.

Tip: Use a direct CTA, like “Let’s schedule a call to discuss your goals” and try not to offer a time too far in the future, as you want to speak whilst on top of mind.5. Make it personal (but only if it’s relevant)

6. Answer ‘What’s in it for me?’

Even if your intention is good, why would a prospect spend 20-30 mins investigating what it is that makes you different if your message is really long. You can tell them how working with you will help them achieve their goal. You need to show them in real time.

7. Offer credibility

Powerful statistics and great content that show your expertise go a long way in a cold email for sure. It shows you’ve done your research and have empathy for your prospect and their situation. You are an expert, so position yourself as an expert.

8. Don’t sell yourself short

Last point for this article, do not ever sell yourself short. We, at turnfitter believe fitness professionals, including everyone who works in the sector have amongst the most to give to society. Believe in yourself and rather than saying ” I only need 5 minutes of your time.”, say “Wanting to help you, perhaps a 30-minute discussion will help us with (X solution) adequately.”

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