Managing Your Classes Has Become Easier - Both Video and In-Person

Manage Your Classes Seamlessly

Use turnfitter’s native class management feature
to grow and manage your classes. You can use our
advanced video feature to record your sessions to
help your attendees to improve their form and
market your business.

<< Play the video to see an example of Dolby quality sound & HD video

Ever Feel You Are Missing Out on Potential Full Classes?

Within minutes you can have a very powerful booking system at your fingertips. You can set classes, whether they are in-person or online, and let clients or prospects book themselves.

Your robust (& beautiful) calendar will allow you full control over your whole schedule, whether you want to set a limit to the number of people in your classes or if you want to make them invite-only or open to the public.

No Website? No Problem

turnfitter allows you to have your calendar displayed in your client portal, which lets your current clients book themselves into your classes at the touch of a button. If they are busy or you need to book them in, then no problem – you can book clients into perspective classes.

Use Rewards as an Incentive for Your Clients & Prospects – Shine with Your Clients

One thing often overlooked in the fitness community is rewards. Think of a Dunkin’ / Starbucks or Target – they all offer loyalty points. That’s how they win customers and then keep them.

turnfitter’s unparalleled reward system helps you set up your rewards to your own liking and requirement. You can decide to give clients points for attending a class. Gamifying the process will help you win over new clients as well, rather than offering a Free Session – charge for it and instead offer a complimentary branded T-Shirt instead.

A robust calendar system that helps you scale your business and one that grows with you

Keep your classes full by using the in-built marketing features, reminding your attendees of upcoming sessions

Discover sessions that are working and which sessions need some love. With turnfitter, you can pinpoint which clients are present in your session and for how long.

Simply insert a video link in the classes, and your clients will have the video link on-hand, whenever they want. To easily access live / OnDemand sessions