Record and run live sessions that look and sound (3D Immersive audio) absolutely amazing

Elevate your brand and get a competitive advantage by delivering classes in HD Video & Dolby based sound, either OnDemand or Live.

Using your browser, give real-life training experiences

With the world now going virtual, it is time you not only adapt but get a competitive edge. With our proprietary solution, host sessions that make it feel as if you’re in your client’s living room.

Our enhanced audio technology really delivers experiences your clients will not be used to.

Deliver Wow Experiences for Your Clients

Our proprietary software helps you stand out from your competitors who are running low quality in Zoom or Facebook / Instagram Live sessions.

Reporting On What is Working 

The advantages of the solution do not just lie in the ease of use, the pricing, or the quality – by running videos through turnfitter’s special system you will be able to visualize the sessions that are working and see the best way to run your fitness business.

Members Falling in Love with You

You can provide clients with an easy to use and virtual way to remain connected with you and your brand. Having access to your videos, your clients will have an affiliation with you and remain engaged, making them more loyal to you and your brand.

Save Time – Create Meetings in Seconds

Create meetings in 2 clicks and use the internal calendar to keep on top of your whole diary – invite your current clients and also use your high-quality sessions to attract new clients and grow your community.

Priced to help you grow (based on minutes)

The Only Video Hosting Solution Purposefully Solution Built for the Fitness Sector, From the Ground Up