Record, Sell and Grow Your Business from One Platform

turnfitter’s unique list of features mean personal trainers and gyms do not need any other system. From full client management to nutrition plans, we have carefully crafted the best tools to help your business succeed.

Meet turnfitter, the only platform your fitness business needs

With turnfitter, you gain access to a comprehensive application that revolutionizes your operations, all without any extra cost. Experience a fully branded platform that seamlessly connects you with your clients, enabling enhanced engagement and interaction. Your clients will have the advantage of utilizing the industry’s largest nutritional database, following personalized fitness plans curated by you, and tracking their progress towards their goals. What’s more, they can join you in high-definition meetings with immersive 3D audio for an unparalleled virtual experience.

Harness the power of smart scheduling, ensuring your diary remains full while enabling you to market your services to anyone, anywhere in the world. With Turnfitter, you have everything you need to record, distribute, and sell content, set and track fitness plans, and expand your client base. It’s time to take your fitness business to new heights.

Move forward without the need for multiple applications

Get started now and create an
account in minutes

Features that help you run both online and in-person fitness businesses

Client Management

Capture client information creating
valuable date for future use.
Introduce a rewards based membership
to engage clients.


Create a viral buzz with our marketing tools, one being the smart referral systems and using rewards to entice new prospects to your classes.

3D Immersive Audio & Video

Deliver High-Quality Live or OnDemand
sessions, getting out of Zoom or low quality
Facebook/Instagram sessions.

Class Management

Manage your business from anywhere, on any device. Let clients easily see your open schedule and allow more prospects to sign up for your services. Generate leads whilst you sleep.

Attract & Retain Clients

Run a loyalty program just like Dunkin’
or Starbucks, so that your clients are
rewarded for engaging with you.
By doing so, retain your clients

Branded Client Portal

A client portal that works on any device, anywhere. Clients can log in anytime to see their goals and follow plans set by you. Also, excite them by giving your full calendar to enhance the number of booked sessions.