Client Management Through Amazing Fitness Software

If you run a fitness business, you can manage your clients easily using smart technology which is designed to wow your clients.

Manage Your Clients Seamlessly

turnfitter was created to serve fitness businesses that find it hard to grow or manage their client base. We all know that clients in the fitness space churn (i.e. changing their gym / personal trainer etc). It’s time to leave the way you are currently managing your business and build communities that stick together.

Features you and your team can’t live without

Assign tailor-made plans to your clients with a simple drag and drop feature.

Branded Application

Get a fully branded application, at no extra cost at all. All updates in the application are instant


Smart notification to keep your finger on the pulse. Get notified whenever something takes place in your business, via email or in your application.

Create lasting bonds, with your clients and your staff

Assign tailor-made plans to your clients with a simple drag and drop feature.


Allow your clients to send you a waiver and store them in the cloud.

Task Management

To keep you organized creates tasks specific to clients to ensure nothing spills through the crack. Use tasks, to keep daily check-ins of what you need to do. Get rid of that pen and paper.

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Make every client of yours feel like the most important one

turnfitter helps fitness businesses to look at the lifetime value of each client and use data to analyze trends to stay aligned with your clients.

Advanced Search

Find exactly which clients need your attention the most, and always keep an observant eye on their success.

Set Independent Goals 

Set Goals Specific to your clients, which you can set either in Distance/ by Calories or simply Time.

Your Business, Your Branded App!

With turnfitter you will get that competitive advantage you need to set yourself apart from other providers and deliver exceptional results for your clients. Brand your application in seconds – and have your clients sign in within minutes.