Introducing the Enhanced Client Portal: Accessible on All Devices

A Client Portal for Ambitious Owners Who Value Retention and Attraction through Rewards

Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd by Having a Client Portal for Both, Your Clients & Prospects

Unleash Client Transformation

Deliver personalized workouts and track nutrition seamlessly. Set and crush goals together, ensuring your clients’ journey towards success is rewarding and engaging.

Our Extensive Inbuilt Nutritional Database Eliminates the Need for Third-Party Tools.

Produce, Livestream, and Market Video Content (in Dolby Quality)

Unlock the Power of Professional Content Creation: Elevate your personal training sessions with our cutting-edge feature that lets you create, distribute, and showcase content like your own Netflix.

Compete directly with companies like Peloton and Mirror and show the world the unbeatable value you have to offer.

Boost Motivation with Reward Points!

Fuel Client Motivation with Rewarding Success: Our client portal empowers your clients with the opportunity to redeem earned points for exclusive treats and benefits, enhancing their commitment and building a strong cycle of success and loyalty.

Motivating clients to consistently attend sessions, follow dietary guidelines, and maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a continuous struggle, turnfitter is the platform that addresses this.

Streamline Your Business with Effortless Calendar Management and Check-ins

Seamless Class Reservations: Empower Clients to Secure Their Spots with Our Personalized Calendar. Effortlessly Simplify Check-Ins Using User-Friendly Unique Codes – A Modern Approach for Your Efficient Fitness Business.

Unlock Success with Group Workouts

Overcoming plateaus in progress can be difficult. Clients might reach a point where they’re not seeing the desired results despite their efforts. Trainers need to adapt routines, introduce new challenges, and provide encouragement to help clients break through these plateaus.

turnfitter allows you to create engaging challenges and groups to make sure your clients work towards their goals in a fashion that works for them.

Empower Your Business by Empowering Your Clients

Branded Client Portal

Capture when your client’s login, what they are doing and allow them to see an overview of their tasks in an easy-to-use software solution.

Inbuilt Nutritional Database

Your clients will automatically have access to the largest nutritional database with a full maco breakdown of over 900 restaurants

Rewarding Your Clients

Reward Your Clients for engaging with you and carrying out their daily tasks. Doing so will keep extending their lifetime value with your business – oh, also a great way to attract new clients.