A Client Portal Which Works on any Device

Keeping Your Business Running Smoothly with a Client Portal that Helps Fitness Businesses Stay Connected

Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd by Having a Client Portal for Both, Your Clients & Prospects

Empowering Your Clients With An App That is Branded with Your Logo/Name

With a client portal, allow your clients
to log their workouts, if it is plans set for
them by you or custom exercises that they
do on their own. Let your clients keep up to
date with you by presenting messages in their

Get Your Brand in the Hands of Loyal Clients

Make your clients fall in love with you & don’t make them go through loops to stay in touch with you. turnfitter allows you to give a personalized experience to your clients and allow prospects to easily sign up for your services.

Empower Your Business by Empowering Your Clients

Branded Client Portal

Capture when your client’s login, what they are doing and allow them to see an overview of their tasks in an easy-to-use software solution.

Inbuilt Nutritional Database

Your clients will automatically have access to the largest nutritional database with a full maco breakdown of over 900 restaurants

Rewarding Your Clients

Reward Your Clients for engaging with you and carrying out their daily tasks. Doing so will keep extending their lifetime value with your business – oh, also a great way to attract new clients.