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Gyms Stand Out From The Crowd

turnfitter helps personal trainers and independent gyms deliver results by allowing them to create personal bonds with clients and prospects through the use of smarter technology

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Stand out from the crowd with the smartest technology in the fitness space

turnfitter is the only reward based solution that is purposefully built by growth experts,
helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Create, Organize and Distribute Your Video Content

Our platform provides you with the capability to package your content individually or as a curated collection, offering a user experience reminiscent of the seamless streaming on Netflix.

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Retain & Grow Clients with

At TurnFitter, we recognize the paramount challenge for personal trainers and fitness enterprises lies in retaining clients and ensuring their ongoing engagement. Introducing the ideal solution – the TurnFitter Rewards feature. Tailored to keep your clients motivated and deeply engaged in their fitness journey, this innovative tool serves as a strategic measure to combat one of the most pressing issues in the fitness sector: client churn.

Running a Fitness Business is
Not Simple.

turnfitter is the one stop solution that you can
use the drag and drop features to create a
booking calendar, create intuitive fitness plans
and use one of the largest in-built nutritional
databases to allow your clients to track exactly
what they are eating. Available in all packages.

Easily Manage Your Schedule and Boost Class Attendance

With turnfitter, there’s no need for third-party booking tools. You can effortlessly enable prospects and members to book classes or check in with just a click. Keep your classes full and make scheduling a breeze!

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…and much more. turnfitter is built by growth experts who value the importance of fitness experts leading the charge for a better community.

About Dina Blair Dina’s unique approach to building, maintaining, and growing robust life-changing businesses is the culmination of over 20 years of real-life experience as an Instructor, Personal Trainer, Athletic…
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The ultimate platform that not only empowers you to create an incredible rewards system but also unlocks the potential to generate additional revenue by selling exclusive items directly through your website.

Experience the all-in-one platform for creating Dolby quality content, distributing it through your branded portal, and engaging clients. With Turnfitter, attract and retain clients using rewards, manage schedules, and access the largest nutritional database. Elevate your fitness business effortlessly.

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