Mastering Sales Conversations: Tips for When You’re Stuck

Welcome to this week’s edition of Time to Turn! First up we’re tackling a common challenge faced by many personal trainers and gyms: What to do when you find yourself unsure of how to move a sales conversation forward. We know it can be frustrating, but fear not! We’ve got some valuable insights and strategies to help you overcome this hurdle and close those deals like a pro. Let’s dive in!

1. Listen, Listen, Listen: When you’re unsure how to proceed in a sales conversation, the best thing you can do is listen actively to your potential client. Let them speak about their fitness goals, challenges, and aspirations. Understanding their needs will provide you with the necessary information to tailor your approach and pitch effectively.

How you could phrase your conversation (example):  “Let’s shift the focus away from us/me for a moment. I’d love to hear about your biggest fitness challenges concerning ___ (context of your fitness goals or needs). Please share with me, and together, we can work on overcoming them.”

2. Ask Open-Ended Questions: Asking open-ended questions will not only show your genuine interest in their fitness journey but will also allow them to express themselves freely. This gives you valuable insights into their desires and pain points, enabling you to address them more effectively.

A couple of example questions:

1). What types of exercises or activities do you enjoy the most?
2). What motivates you to pursue a fitness journey?
3). What are your expectations from working with a personal trainer?

3. Empathize and Relate: Put yourself in your client’s shoes and show empathy towards their struggles. Share personal anecdotes or success stories of how you’ve helped others overcome similar obstacles. Building this connection can build trust and make the client more willing to commit.

4. Focus on Value, Not Price: Shift the conversation away from price and instead, emphasize the value your services provide. Highlight the benefits they’ll gain from working with you, such as improved health, increased confidence, and achieving their dream physique. When clients see the value, they’ll be more inclined to invest.

5. Provide Options and Solutions: Sometimes, clients may be hesitant because they feel overwhelmed or unsure. Offer them various packages and solutions tailored to their needs. Providing options allows them to choose what aligns best with their goals and budget, making the decision-making process more manageable.

6. Overcome Objections with Confidence: Expect objections and be ready to address them confidently. Whether it’s time constraints, financial concerns, or other uncertainties, be prepared to respond positively and reassure them that you can work together to overcome any challenges.

Question to ask: What would happen if we solved [fitness challenge]?

7. Set Clear Next Steps: At the end of the conversation, always establish clear next steps. Whether it’s scheduling a trial session, a follow-up call, or providing additional information, having a concrete plan in place keeps the momentum going and reinforces your commitment to their success.

8. Follow Up with Care: If a potential client needs more time to decide, don’t be pushy. Instead, follow up with a friendly message, offering any additional support they may need. Demonstrating genuine care for their well-being can make a significant difference in their decision-making process.

Remember, sales conversations are not just about closing deals; they are an opportunity to build meaningful relationships and help others achieve their fitness goals. By adopting a client-centered and value-driven approach, you’ll be well on your way to turning prospects into loyal clients.





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