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An online software that is simple to use allowing you not to only manage your
business from anywhere (and grow whilst your away), giving it the wings to make it fly.

Enhance the productivity of your health & business fitness by switching over to turnfitter

Revenue is a huge part of any business. We give you the tools to ensure you retain all your
clients (whilst also helping you to build new ones).

Our software does all the clever analysis for you but we also give you the tools to ensure you
are building your business at all times. the benefits of using our software is that you have all the features you need, in one place. Use various pricing structures, have an online store in minutes,
manage your diary and set marketing programs to gnertate new clients.

Why Turnfitter works





turnfitter knows that time management is an issue. People spend time getting fit when they have free time,
which normally equates to unsocial hours for fitness trainers.
Our tools allow flexibility whilst ensuring your clients remain impressed by your level of service.



We have been working with some of the leading fitness names in the sector and understand what it takes to
make a health and fitness business run well.



We allow you to automate messages to your clients.
We also allow payments to be be scheduled automatically, removing non-payment issues.



You get to see a snapshop of your business at any given time. Our reports show you exactly where efficiencies
can be made. The turnfitter mission is to support and nurture businesses just like yours.
turnfitter cuts an average of 2-4 hours per day from your work schedule.
This time can be spent doing what you love more effectively.



TurnFitter allows you to communicate your message and always stay 'switched on' to your consumer's needs.
Stay tuned in to your members breaking down geographical boundaries.
Maintain one to one relationships with all your members.



Automated billing and payment management. We make it easy for you to focus on the things that you enjoy.



The health & fitness as a sector is reliant on good space. However did you know that 81% of gyms in the UK
and the USA do not utilise space well?
We give you the data and allow you to ensure you run as smooth operation as possible.



turnfitter is the smartest way to allow your members or clients to check in and out. If you need them to check
into a session or your facility, all members need to do is enter a unique number which they can tap into an
application that you control. Give your members a one tap but secure experience.


This saves you the costs of needing scanning devices which have their running costs but also take up space.
turnfitter allows you to look and feel clean and professional. By tapping digits on a device
(we recommend a tablet) you do not need to issue cards - this number is always stored in your client side app.


We use clever NFC technology that allows you to plan your facility in the most efficient way possible. You will
not need to employ any expensive consultants - turnfitter allows your members to inform you what machines
they are using and the times they are using them as well.


Having enough equipment is crucial to satisfying your members, so make sure you are well equipped as
equipment is one of the most impending tasks. We use simple tags which your users scan each time they use a
machine. It will record how long they were on the machine and not only help them track their workout but also
allow you to see if your capacity needs to improve.



We can offer you a rewards based membership. Your customers download our app to get started. They can use
it to scan equipment each time they visit the gym or a fitness class, collecting those valuable points!

Pricing. All of it. No hidden fees. (Really)

Cancel at anytime. No Risk.


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Our mission statetment : Empower Fitness Through Fitness Experts


We are strong advocates of the fitness community. We exist for one reason, empowering fitness experts and provide them with all the tools and knowledge to make their voices heard.
We know the benfits that fitness professionals bring to people's lives. turnfitter want their influence to grow.

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