About Us

Turnfitter has been built with a lot of
thought & passion. The ultimate goal
is to support health businesses (personal
trainers / Gyms / Bootcamp's etc.) to grow.

All about our amazing team


The product has been built by a mix of wellness and marketing experts.
The combination of people makes turnfitter the ideal product to trust. Our focus
is on empowering our users with the tools to not only manage their clients but also grow
their business. This is where our marketing experience comes into play.



Engagement = Retention

What we bring to the table


Rehan Sajid

The Thinker

Coming from a background involved in computers Rehan quickly enthralled himself in marketing - digital at that. Having worked on some of the largest marketing campaigns he quickly saw a problem that needed to be tackled when trying to get fit himself. 8 years and that six pack is still just around the corner!


Andrew Topping

The Creative Guy

Andrew has been immersed in cutting edge design for too many years. Not only does he know the best foods to eat he also knows the best times to eat them. The team are often forced to try his blend of exotic juices filled with the best nutrients. He does work as well, he is the one who brings turnfitter to life.


Arooj Aziz

Product Ninja / Customer Support

Arooj loves being part of something great but she is very hard to please. Hence why the product is thoroughly checked and QA. She tries to lead an active lifestyle but we know how much sugar she really has away from her desk.

Sandra Bredulyte

Social Superstar / Customer Support

Sandra loves helping see our clients flourish. Not only does she plan our social endeavours but importantly she helps our businesses drive better social campaigns. Being a vegan she still enjoys our cake Fridays (dairy free of course!).


Live the life you want to live.