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ASFA ® and turnfitter® Announce Strategic Partnership

BOSTON – June 25, 2020 – The American Sports and Fitness Association® is pleased to announce its new partnership with turnfitter®, a forward-thinking provider of online training software for personal trainers and independent gym owners. ASFA® recognizes turnfitter’s commitment and dedication to empower personal trainers and independent gyms with software enabling them to stand out […]

Get Ready For The Future Of Fitness : Health of the Nation Report

The Thoughts of 687 Leading Fitness Professionals The world of fitness has evolved over the years, but it had not foreseen the effects that a worldwide pandemic would bring. In order to stand out amidst all the free Zoom classes and the Live Instagrams, fitness businesses need to employ a careful strategy to thrive in […]

Setting Fitness/Nutritional Plans in Seconds & Save Yourself the Time

One big advantage that personal trainers find in using online personal training software platforms like turnfitter, is the speed at which they can set plans for their clients. The long working hours that personal trainers endure to match the hours of their clients, naturally leaves a fondness to evaluate strategies that save a lot of […]

Using Your Best Advocates To Get More Referrals for your Business

Every business out there has the same challenge – growth. From the Uber’s of this world right down to the local convenience store in your neighborhood. They are all are answering (or at least trying) the same question: how do I get more people through the door for my business. Now, as a fitness business, […]

Setting a Fitness or Nutrition Plan for Your Clients, Easily

One big advantage that personal trainers see in using online personal training software platforms like turnfitter, is the ability they give to save them valuable time. The long working hours that personal trainers experience, naturally leaves a fondness to evaluate strategies that save time. In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci, “Time stays long enough […]

Case Study: A Rhode Island personal trainer increased his session participation and 5x’d new clients by using rewards

Challenge: One of the challenges facing Stewart Hayfield, a personal trainer with just 2 years of experience, was that his would-be clients would not turn up to his free taster sessions. Having tried various methods, which included trying to take payments upfront or agreeing on suitable timings for his would-be clients, he just could not […]

Peloton … It’s Not Going to Scale (or replace personal trainers)

With the Peloton IPO high on the news agenda of late, there has been a lot of focus on the fitness sector. So we have been keeping a close tab on Peloton, for obvious reasons. Obviously, at turnfitter we are all about empowering fitness professionals. With that being said we are objective about what is […]

Dealing with Stressful Clients in Your Fitness Business

Personal trainers have a lot to deal with, with expanding their revenue being at the forefront of their thoughts. With a lot of personal trainers thinking about growth, a lot of clients on our platform have an issue they never thought too much of – stressful clients. Undoubtedly one of the most stressful issues a […]

Marketing Fitness Business to Affluent Consumers

Running a fitness business is sometimes ensuring that you are able to add value to someone’s life. If you do not have the power to add value, you will not make a difference in their lives – but we know fitness business add value. That’s why some fitness businesses thrive, but ever wondered what it […]