2020 was a challenging year, to say the least. One of the most affected sectors from Covid was the fitness sector – again that’s something that is of no surprise, no matter which part of the world you are based.

Now, with the vaccine being rolled out, there is some optimism around but fitness businesses have to now plan for the future with the changing habits of consumers taking shape.

Fitness businesses have competition not just from companies like Peloton & Mirror but also from providers delivering low-quality content through Zoom/ Facebook / YouTube etc. There is definitely fatigue setting in so the need to have a plan is crucial.

So with the new future on the horizon, turnfitter has developed a planning template, with examples of email outreach every business can adapt to hit those goals and make 2021 the year our sector moves back – get your copy now (ABSOLUTELY FREE & No Emails required: Get Your Growth Template for 2021 by clicking below:

The template will help you build a framework and help you work out exactly what you need to do to get to your goals. Breaking these goals will help you visualize how many clients you need to get to and how many classes you need to run to hit your revenue goals. To make it worthwhile, we have also included some examples of messaging that you can adapt to get real results.

Brand Positioning

Before beginning marketing, it is important to plan exactly what makes you and your offering different from what is in the market already. Don’t forget it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

Always remember to make your customer / client the hero of your branding exercise. Make them the focal point of why you exist and ensure that their goals are kept in mind when developing your branding. Once you realize this, every hero (i.e. your client) needs someone to help them overcome their problems.

A great starting point is to analyze ‘Why You Are In Business’ – The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek is a great starting point.

For a good reminder of when you are working on your messaging, think of a movie: every movie has a hero and an obstacle. Nearly in all movies, they need to get around obstacles, so rather than being Luke Skywalker in your story be Yoda – the one who allows Luke to propel and teach him how to succeed against the Dark Forces.

Put Your Goals on Paper

With goals, if you do not write down where you need to get to, you will not get there. So get this template, print it out, and after writing down your goals put it on a wall (or somewhere you can see it on a daily basis).

Hitting goals is all about breaking them down so that they are more achievable. Smaller steps are easier to take than big ones, right?

One great metric to always keep a keen eye out on is the Life Time Value of your clients, which will show the breakdown of how valuable your clients are. Doing so not only will you get in a habit of extending the LTV of your clients but also will train you to extend your value to those that bring the most to your business.

Always be Adding Value

When marketing, always think about how you can be adding value – rather than making sales. For example, rather than talking about how your pricing options are cheaper than other providers, tell of the difference your services make to someone’s life. Let’s take an example, before and after pictures are commonplace in the fitness world. Rather than showing these before and after pictures, try to be emphatic and have your messaging resound around the mental benefits that your services bring.

For example, an overweight dad wants to spend more time playing in the back yard with their kid. A mother of 3 wants more energy after the wear and tear of the day. Rather than just focusing on the difference between what your client will look like, focus on how they will feel.

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