Running a fitness business is sometimes ensuring that you are able to add value to someone’s life. If you do not have the power to add value, you will not make a difference in their lives – but we know fitness business add value. That’s why some fitness businesses thrive, but ever wondered what it takes to be successful?

One huge factor, marketing to the right people. Marketing to affluent people is easier.

The challenge faced by most fitness businesses is growth, meaning finding clients.

However, at times it is not just finding clients, but finding the right type of clients, i.e. affluent clients.

Let me explain, it is far easier to build your business around affluent customers. The reason is simple: affluent customers are more concerned about their own wellness than those who are not as fortunate as them. Affluent customers are far less likely to be concerned about their next mortgage or car payment – so they have more disposable wealth.

Generally, they are more driven to achieve immediate results. It has become some sort of habit for them. But how do you get to these affluent members, move to their areas?

The answer is simple – the internet.

Did you know, affluent consumers consist of 10% of all American households but account for 70% of retail margins?

These consumers are a natural target for marketers because of their buying power and disposable income.

Here’s the interesting part…

According to several studies, the affluent tend to be online more than the average consumer. Whilst they are browsing for market news, they are always looking for betterment – and they are in an ‘awareness’ state.

Consider this: 98% of Affluent Consumers go online and are the heaviest users of digital media (source: IAB & eMarketer).

Now, what do you need to do to target affluent consumers?

Create a strong offering:

Any attempt to reach the affluent must begin with a strong brand foundation that underlines a unique product or service offering. Offer a weekly personalized evaluation and be so confident in your service, that throw in a money-back satisfaction.

Make your business look like a million dollars:

For the affluent, image is everything. Make them know that you are a 5-star service, goes without saying the internet allows you to efficiently scale up your image.

Create relevant and valuable content:

Create content that is digestible (and shareable). By this, I mean content, which is your actual plan – make it interesting and engaging – this is your expertise. Create engaging videos, and make sure there is content for your potential clients to digest when they are not in your company. For example, a food guide and delivering a message on their ‘down time’.

Delight them

True marketing methodology doesn’t stop after you’ve closed your client. Plan to delight your clients, so set up your business in a way that you can be in constant contact with them. Plan to wow them and remember, building a rapport with them is long-term success. Tools like turnfitter or video tutorials (Vimeo / Youtube) can certainly help you elevate your message and offering, without breaking the bank.

Test and Measure:

Finally, for ROI always be in test and measure mode. Always see what is working for you – what is not and always track messaging. Don’t be one of those businesses that do not listen to feedback. Once you have feedback make sure you have a system in which you track it, and if someone is saying good things put that on autopilot and scale your business.

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