If you are looking to grow your fitness business you know how powerful virtual training already is. One thing we have learned this year is that the fitness businesses of the future are going to include some sort of virtual training, even when gyms across the world go back to full capacity. Whilst there have been tools that have allowed fitness businesses to adapt to the changes required for stay-at-home workouts, nothing has embodied a superior experience that truly allows businesses to grow and provide a superior experience.

Better Virtual Training, Less Time Wasted

To add to turnfitter’s existing features we are excited to announce our Meetings feature, which is the first purpose-built video feature for all fitness businesses that want to either stream their fitness workouts OR provide content on-demand to their clients using high-quality audio (3D immersive Dolby sound). 

Before we were disrupted by this pandemic, turnfitter was already working on a solution that allowed the fitness industry to manage their clients seamlessly – with the aim to provide everything under one roof. As the pandemic took over, we quickly realized we needed to step up our game as we quickly realized Zoom/ Facebook Live, etc was not a long term solution for fitness businesses who want to deliver an excellent on-demand / live feature to get close to their clients. 

So, we accelerated our resources to build the most robust technology for the fitness industry.

What did we do?

We went ahead and partnered up with Dolby to bring the most advanced technology that gives a unique 3D immersive audio experience to clients watching your sessions either on-demand or live.  

How is this different from Zoom?

Whilst developing this feature we were very careful to analyze what it was that was required for fitness businesses – and we worked with 100s of experts to ensure we were building something for the future. Apart from the natural savings, turnfitter has several advantages over other video experiences:

  • Sound Quality: One of the biggest advantages is sound quality. With other video platforms, you will always have an issue with either sound quality of your sessions not being good enough or not being able to control nuisance audio from your clients 
  • New Clients: Using videos to generate new clients. turnfitter allows you to market your product services to new audiences, and with every session, create new clients – in a seamless fashion.
  • Security: It is important that your information is processed in a secure environment – this is not only assuring for you but also for your clients to know their videos are not going to distribute. Our layers of security allow you to have full peace of mind, knowing no one is going to be intercepting your live sessions.

Keep Your Clients From Companies like Peloton & Mirror 

Content is king, that is well known but fitness businesses who do not step up their game are going to lose clients to services like Peloton / Mirror etc. Turnfitter’s audience knows that we are big proponents of fitness businesses, (it’s our sole focus) and with companies like Peloton going digital, they are trying to tap into the home audience. However, as amplified by this pandemic the need for fitness businesses has been well documented. 

But, with Peloton spending $50 million dollars on studio, how do independent gyms compete? The answer is turnfitter.

Without spending an arm and leg, you can create and deliver high-quality fitness sessions all via turnfitter’s unique video feature (i.e. Meetings). See for yourself what you can deliver for your clients – high-quality audio meetings, all with the click of a button.

“Before turnfitter, we were finding it hard to engage with our clients in a meaningful way. We felt there was a need to get up and close and get in sync with our clients. After onboarding with turnfitter, we found that not only did we move all of our clients online but we increased our revenue by 300x as we got new clients. Love this platform” – Erika Furlan – Retro Fitness

Getting started with Meetings

If you’re looking to set yourself apart and looking to use meetings you can sign up immediately, for free. Not only will you be able to begin to create and host meetings within 5 minutes, but you will also have access to the largest nutritional database.  Sign up for a free account to get started with 3D immersive audio now.

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