As part of our commitment to the growth of the fitness industry, turnfitter is launching an Expert Opinion series, which will list a handful of experts detailing the true challenges that the industry has been facing along with some of their thoughts about the future. 

It is no secret that since March 2020, the fitness industry has seen a huge decline in revenue as gyms and fitness facilities were forced into mandatory lockdown but the future is not all doom and gloom.

With lockdowns taking place all across the world, brick and mortar businesses have had to evolve their offering, in a drastically different way. 

The intention of this series is to highlight the thoughts of experts who are navigating the current climates.

Expert Opinion 1: Matthew Ernst

Matthew, How long have you been in fitness?

I have been involved in sports for as long as I can remember, therefore fitness and physical activity has always been a major part of my life!  I began weight training in 6th grade (~12 years old) for football that season and loved it so much I started doing my own research and learning everything I could about it  By 9th grade, I was consistently working out and assisting others with their fitness goals and training.  32 years young now, I thank my early entry into strength training for feeling the amazing way that I do!

In your opinion what has changed this year the most in the fitness industry?The thing that has changed the most in the fitness industry from our current Covid19 pandemic is the personal connection that we as trainers have with our clients.  It’s hard to explain, but most of my clients I see at least 2x/week, and sometimes up to 5x/week, which is WAY more than I even get to see my family and close friends.  Essentially, they’ve become family, and I care about them all.  Not being able to be next to them while they push themselves to their limits is definitely one of the things I miss the most.  But we’re all adapting and for the most part, still able to have a similar connection despite things being done virtually now!  

Following on, what would you consider the upcoming challenges are when it comes to fitness businesses like CommitFitNYC?

The biggest challenge will be how large franchise gyms and small boutique gyms adapt to the new “normal.”  Sanitation & cleanliness should have already been heavily stressed prior to this pandemic and now has increased ten-fold.  Trainers, clients & patrons of the gym should feel safe at all times, and it’s going to take everyone working together to do that.  There will be a lot of trial & error, but people must be patient and know that we’re in this together for the long haul!

Do you think is technology going to further help improve deliver results?Yes, I do think technology will further help in delivering results and more clients.  It opens up a portal of potential clients to trainers everywhere and the downtime of traveling between clients can now be filled without moving off your couch.  Of course, I personally would prefer to be training clients in person, but mixing in some via virtual training is something that I am all for and that is currently going very well! 

Fun questions:
What’s the worst fitness advice you have heard?“You don’t need a water break!”  If you’re thirsty, drink water.  Stay hydrated, and perform better!

Wrap Up:
Name one piece of advice you would share with someone who is going to join a program of yours.Be patient! Your fitness journey is a process and results won’t happen overnight.  You didn’t gain that weight in a day and you sure as hell won’t lose it in a day.  But with your commitment, your accountability, and my drive & knowledge to bring you to your fitness goals, there is absolutely no stopping us! 

How Can People Contact You?

Matthew Ernst
T: 201.396.8679
BS Kinesiology – Strength & Conditioning | NASM-Certified Personal Trainer | NASM-Fitness Nutrition Specialist | NASM-Weight Loss Specialist | NASM-MMA Conditioning Specialist | NASM-Women’s Fitness Specialist | NASM-Golf Fitness Specialist |

Expert Opinion 2: Maryam Hidayatallah


Meet Maryam Hidayatallah, who is a Professional Pilates Trainer and Fitness Consultant. She is also certified by UKCoaching in Mental Health Awareness for Sport & Physical Activity.

How long have you been in the fitness industry? 20 years

In your opinion what has changed this year the most in the fitness industry?

Digitization of the Fitness Space has augmented the most considering the global pandemic, confining both fitness enthusiasts and fitness trainers indoors.

Sustainable In-house fitness programs have been implemented through online workouts and home workouts to eliminate the gap during this period which are likely to remain moving forward.

Based on your expertise, in your opinion what would you consider the upcoming challenges are when it comes to fitness businesses?

Few upcoming challenges that the Fitness Industry may face are :

  • Developing a new dynamic to gauge in prospective clients
  • Financial Recovery due to past closures
  • Reluctant Gym Members, hesitant to return
  • Redefining Long Term Fitness Strategies

Do you think technology is going to further help deliver results?

Indeed! Technology shall enable the fitness industry to navigate business models and provide sustainable fitness programs to both current and prospective clients via online personal training sessions , adaptable workouts, bespoke workouts , easier payment plans etc.

Fun section:

What’s the worst fitness advice you have heard?

Don’t Swim during Intermittent Fasting!

What has been the weirdest request you have had from a client?

Is Pilates for women only?! No! Pilates is an effective workout for all genders.

Name one piece of advice you would share with someone who is going to join a program of yours.

Focus! My pilates workouts sessions enable my clients to develop both physical and mental endurance capacity whilst changing the body and building confidence.

Where can people find you?

Instagram handle: @meyryeim or via email

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