The best way to get ahead in the fitness world is to stand out. If your clients are not vested in your business in any way, they are likely to churn.

One of the best ways that companies like to keep their clients and customers loyal is to run loyalty programs. Just think about how Dunkin, Starbucks, and nearly every retail company try to push their loyalty program.

The reason for this is simple. Loyalty programs work, as they help businesses to create a powerful connection with their customers and importantly, prospective customers.

In the fitness world, very few companies run a reward program, as it requires a lot of effort, a lot of technology resources, and dedicated resources.

The good news?

turnfitter’s built-in reward system helps personal trainers and independent gyms to set up a loyalty program in minutes.



By implementing a reward-based loyalty program, you build your brand recognition, manage your current client basis, and use your loyalty program to increase revenue and net new clients.

Businesses that do not run loyalty programs are more than likely to have their consumers feel less appreciated. With turnfitter’s loyalty program fitness businesses are 70% more likely to have clients with more of an emotional connection.

The personalization interaction allows your clients to value your expertise.

Not only does rewards help you build deeper connections with your clients, but it also helps you attract new customers. If you offer points or discounts for someone to take a class with you, you will automatically be able to add new clients.

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