The Thoughts of 687 Leading Fitness Professionals

The world of fitness has evolved over the years, but it had not foreseen the effects that a worldwide pandemic would bring.

In order to stand out amidst all the free Zoom classes and the Live Instagrams, fitness businesses need to employ a careful strategy to thrive in the coming months (and years!).

Looking for these answers? Download one of the most extensive surveys conducted and see what 687 of the leading fitness professionals think of the fitness trends.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Rising obesity was a health crisis before COVID-19 so the need for fitness businesses is going to increase
  • Wearables, how are wearable devices going to play a part going forward and which are the most popular fitness devices
  • HIIT: How many of us are thinking this will be a trend for 2020 and beyond?
  • What is the shift going to be when it comes to exercising in Groups.

Whilst no one exactly knows what is in store for the world we are going to step into, one thing is certain – habits are being formed. People are adapting to working from home, people are working more from home.

So, with that in mind, it is imperative that fitness businesses have a sense of resolve, confidence, and begin to channel their energy into formulating their business to embrace these new habits.

With this renewed optimism, there needs to be a clear focus on what the feeling of the overall community is going to be. Even before COVID-19, the fitness businesses that were not enhancing their online presence were being left behind. Now, extra work needs to be done.

With a clear mind for the future, turnfitter surveyed the thoughts of experts who are trying to help fitness businesses navigate these choppy waters.

Move forward with Optimism

Our core DNA is optimism, and it is with this optimism that the fitness community will thrive.

However, embracing optimism we need to be mindful of what the future is going to hold.

How do we differentiate ourselves from every other personal trainer who is doing an online Zoom class? Instagram Live – is it here to stay or will personal trainers carry on carrying their sessions online.

Group sessions: Are they going to a be thing of the past and how are they going to evolve.

Again, we are on a mission to help fitness businesses with all the resources not just for now but the coming new world we are evolving into.

Here’s the link : Health of the Nation 2020 (Report of 687 fitness experts)


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