Every business out there has the same challenge – growth. From the Uber’s of this world right down to the local convenience store in your neighborhood. This fact stands, whether we are in a pandemic or not.

Every business out there is exploring the answer to the same question (at least trying to): how do I get more people through the door for my business. It is the fundamentals of running a business. Companies on the NYSE have to report their earnings quarterly and their main metric for success is the company’s gross revenue. It is not just companies on the NYSE that have to report how many new customers they have had in their annual reports. 

That’s why sales and marketing people are aggressively employed with one metric : growth. As a health and fitness, your job is the same – you have a business to grow. 

Providing Real Value

Now, as a fitness business, you have real value to provide and with 1 in 3 people with access to a gym facility or personnel, it will always a great market to be in. No matter what the situation, health is always on top of everyone’s mind and the recent exposure to Covid-19 has only made this even more apparent.

As a fitness business, you just have to know the right way to reach out to people who need your services. One of the best ways is to have a great referral base – so it is important to get people who know you to refer your services to other people.

It is simple to say but unless there is a certain process you follow, you will never achieve success as referral marketing only works if you execute it properly.

Just by doing referral marketing well, you will be standing out

According to many figures, the fitness industry does pretty bad when it comes to referral marketing. Generally, the referral rate is the volume of referred packages bought as a % of the total packages that have been sold by a business.

Now, before you think it is hard to set up a referral system and get dissuaded, it isn’t. Also, it does not cost anything and you will always be able to tweak it to make it work for you and your business.

With that being said, the best referral programs are always where there is a reward of some sort for not only who is coming into your business as a prospect, but also the person who refers you.

There are many ways to set up a referral program, but one way is to give something transactional, but make it promotional. So, at all events companies of all type give their T-Shirt away, but imagine giving your merch away to someone who refers your business. It’s a win-win, because each time they are wearing your merch they are promoting your brand.

Watch the video on how to set up a referral marketing on turnfitter – the ultimate platform for aspiring health and fitness businesses that want to expand:

Using Advocates to Get Referrals

(NOTE: If you would like to set up your own referral program on a platform that is designed especially for fitness businesses then go check out turnfitter. You can try it for absolutely free here.)


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