One big advantage that personal trainers find in using online personal training software platforms like turnfitter, is the speed at which they can set plans for their clients.

The long working hours that personal trainers endure to match the hours of their clients, naturally leaves a fondness to evaluate strategies that save a lot of time.

In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci, “Time stays long enough for those who use it.”

The working hours that professionals in the fitness world experience, are generally considered to be abnormal. Given that more and more people want to work out according to their own schedule, the stress put on personal trainers is going to escalate. This is where turnfitter comes in.

Turnfitter, allows personal trainers to save time in a variety ways but for the purpose of this article, we are going to show you how PT’s can very easily use drag and drop features to create fitness plans in mere seconds.

Personal trainers may need to set fitness plans for their clients, so turnfitter allows you to set these in a matter of seconds. On the back of these plans, goals can be easily set so that your clients can follow these plans whilst also enabling them to track areas where they may not follow the exact routine.

Once you set a fitness plan in turnfitter, you can easily assign a fitness plan to your clients, which will then notify them via email and show up in the client portal (which can be branded).

The benefits of settings plans do not need to be emphasized too much, as they are obvious to many but the purpose of turnfitter is to facilitate personal trainer to provide highly customizable and professional service to their clients.

turnfitter, caters for clients going off track and for you, as a personal trainer to see these indiscretions. Turnfitter has one the of largest databases of nutritional items, so you are able to track, on a macro level what your clients are consuming and to adjust any habits as you see deem appropriate.


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